Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week One Check In/ Week Two Goals

Hi, there! :)

How was your first week? Did you meet your goals? Did you fall short of some?
If you did, don't worry, it is all a part of the process.

Please create your post with how week one went, how your mini challenge went, and your new goals for week two. Then, come back here and add your link to the linky below.
For an example of what to post, feel free to view my post at Sarah Is Getting Fit

Also, the mini challenge for Week Two:
Do a workout that you don't normally do, mix it up!
It is important to keep your body guessing, so having a large arsenal of calorie burning activities can be very helpful during weight loss. This can even help you avoid plateaus!

Good luck this week!

Link up your progress from Week One & your goals for Week Two here-


  1. Sorry I'm late to the game! Hope it's okay if I start in Week 2!

  2. Love the week 2 mini-challenge :)

  3. I seem to be there twice.....sorry.....I had problems with Linky, it wouldn't let me chose a thumbnail.

  4. Oh no! I found about this challenge today, so I'm hoping it is ok to jump in now. I did start a working program a few days ago, so I am not that behind :)

  5. OMG... I'm TRYING to work my way through and support everyone... SO many challengers! It's great!