Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week Two Check In/ Week Three Goals

How was Week Two?
I hope that everyone is having/has had a wonderful easter!

I have been making an effort to stop off at a lot of your blogs each week, but we have so many challengers, it would take days. (I am excited we have so many challengers!!) So, this week's mini challenge is going to be a little different, and.. it actually won't show up on this blog until Wednesday. So, make sure to check back for it then.

Here's some exercise motivation for you this week-

So, I am ready to see everyone's goals for Week Three!

Remember, set up a post about last week, if you met your goals, how it went, and be sure to tell us your goals for next week! :)
If you need an example, go here..
Link up your progress from Week Two and your goals for Week Three here-


  1. Loving the exercise motivation quote!

  2. Well. I posted it yesterday but forgot to link up. Sorry.

  3. I can't wait to learn about the challenge :) I'm also making up last week's new exercise one, yeah!