Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 8 check-in / week 9 goals

How are you doing? Are you closing in on the goals you set for this challenge? This is the time to reflect on why you have succeeded in your challenge, or why you didn't succeed if that is the case. Make a plan for the two last weeks, make sure to keep yourself going. Here is one of the motivational pictures used in this challenge earlier, it's so good it can be recycled:

This week will not have a mini-challenge, as barely anyone participate in them. It seems fair for me not to spend my time on making them, when they are not really used. :)


  1. Thank you for working so hard on this challenge. I'm one who has skipped some of the mini challenges but I did participate this week. :) I love the little poster on this post. I have definitely stood in my way this week. :(

  2. The numbers do seem to be thinning as the weeks have gone by. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to put the whole challenge together. I find that it has made a WORLD of difference to me! Thank you!! :)

    Love the poster!!

  3. I have so enjoyed this challenge. I've enjoyed the mini challenges too, even if I don't link up to tell you so. I've been a little out of it the last two weeks, but wanted to make it a point today to say "THANKS" for challenging us all! Gonna write my post ASAP and link up. Thanks again Maren. I'm looking forward to the next challenge and congrats on all of your success.

  4. I was so excited about today's lunch I wanted to share. So I added a second link. Sorry for breaking the rules.