Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 8 mini-challenge!

Week 8's mini challenge is about solidifying your progress through the challenge, and making sure you carry it with you after the challenge is completed. You are going to have to define yourself what your focus will be, but I will show you mine as an example.

I have made this sheet/calendar:

35 days of good eating
You can grab that one, or make one of your own. It has to be in writing, no winging it by your gut. You can make it a 15 day challenge, about food, about exercise, about water intake.. Whatever YOU want to focus on. The system goes like this: I award myself with a smiley face if I have done well that day. Now as you know, all days aren't the same. What constitutes a smiley face one day, might not give one the next day. Such as tomorrow, May 17th, that is the Norwegian National Day, and I will allow myself an ice cream - and still have a smiley face. If I had the ice cream today, I would not. You get how it goes.

Write a post about the length of your "focus period", what system you have chosen to monitor yourself (food journal, calendar, sheet etc), and what you choose to focus on. You can do one thing, or more. You choose!


  1. what a great idea:-) I like that you build in the allowances for special occasions too.

  2. I love this... All about calendars and planning on this end. This will need a little thought gnawing on so I can pick a great commitment. :)

  3. I totally missed the start of this challenge. Will there be another on starting after June 3rd?

  4. I added my week 7 check in on this post. I'm so sorry. Please delete it and I'll add it in the wright place. :) **blush**